Best of the Week

Here are some of the things Nat is loving this week (yeah, #OITNB!)


1. Crochet Me The Way Cream Kimono ($58 in our store)

2. Netflix Series: Orange Is The New Black Season 2. I literally cannot stop watching it. I am obsessed!

3. Call me crazy, but my favorite thing lately is Kylie Jenner’s New Ombre Hair. I am really tempted; I think she looks so good. It’s funky yet chic at the same time. ;)

4. Our Empire Necklace ($26 in our store)

5. Neutrogena Sunscreen: The sun kicked my butt the past few years, and I just found love with this Ultra Sheer Sunscreen!

6. Hometown spirit: LONG BEACH Black Spirit Jersey ($48 in our store)


  • Kari

    Just bought that kamono and it is soooo comfortable! i wear it all the time!

  • ashley

    That cream kimono with the empire necklace would look amazing!!

  • Chloe

    Great crochet top! Looks so cute!

  • stephanie

    just started watching orange is the new black, already addicted!

  • courtney

    love the long beach jersey SOOOO cute

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