Tune In Tuesday: Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

Everyone definitely had their dancing shoes on this past friday night at our fashion show benefit!
It's Tune In Tuesday and Bridget is sharing the songs that make her want to dance with the great people in her life.
 "This song will forever remind me of driving in the car with Taylor Davino. When it comes on and I'm not with her I still dance to it."

"Classic girls sleepover party song. Definitely makes me think of a silly wine night with my best friends."

"My sisters and I go crazy whenever we hear this song come on. It was blasting in my kitchen this past weekend while we were cooking!"

"... this song just makes me wanna dance with my <3."

"Perfect song for getting ready for a summer night out!"

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  • ashley

    All these songs are amazing! Especially Dancing on my Own By Robyn, is a favorite of mine!!!

  • Julianne

    Love super bass!

  • Nik

    love dancing on my own, my fave girls moment!

  • Lisa

    I love dancing on my own! always reminds me of girls <3

  • Krystal Strafford

    Love the song Latch!!!♥

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