Best of the Week

Nat's favorite things has something for everyone!


1. Obsessed with the Sweet Laze Olive Jumpsuit ($52 in our store).

2. I treated myself to some new spring Gucci sneakers, love them!

3. Literally cannot get enough of The Following on FOX.

4. Look Over Ya Shoulder Ivory Sweater ($42 in our store).

5. I am so team #Kimye in VOGUE!

6. Turquoise and Grey Boho Bandeau ($12 in our store). I am guilty, I have them all!

7. Green Juice! I am really trying to stick to this healthy delicious drink!



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  • Julianne

    Love the glasses!!

  • Kari

    That jumper is the perfect comfortable yet cute look!

  • Natural Life

    Boho Bandeaus are the BEST. Thanks for the shout out!

  • Taylor

    The sweet laze jumper and those sneakers are so fresh natty! I am also a huge fan out green juice and boho bandeaus, great picks!

  • Nik

    i must start watching the following, love the bandeaus

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