DIY: Oreo Balls !

So I've decided to share with you guys my absolute favorite dessert...Oreo Balls! Sound amazing, I know! They are super easy to make and will have you licking your lips and fingers too! I can promise you with one bite you will be totally obsessed! 

Step 1: Things you need:

*Package of Oreos
*8 ounce package of cream cheese
*White chocolate chips
*Chocolate chips

Step 2:
*Dumb your package of Oreos in a gallon size ziplock bag. Zip it up and crush the Oreos with a hard object, such as a rolling pin. (Good way to get some needed frustration out)

Step 3:
*Gradually pour the crushed Oreos and cream cheese in a mixing bowl and mix until the two are blended together!

Step 4:
*Lay a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet. Start making the balls out of your mixture and place on the cookie sheet. (The size of the balls is totally up to you!) And stick them in the refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes. 

Step 5:
*Place your bowl of white chocolate chips in the microwave for 30 seconds, take it out and mix it up. Then stick it in the microwave for another 30 seconds and repeat until they are fully melted.  Repeat this step with the chocolate chips as well

Step 6:
*Drop each ball in the melted white chocolate one at a time and place back on the cookie tray.  Drizzle the melted chocolate on top of each one, and let harden.  AND ENJOY!  


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  • Julianne

    My family makes these, they are too good !

  • Steph

    oh boy! looks like i found my plans for tomorrow night…….

  • Kari

    NO WAY! I need to try these asap

  • Taylor

    I used to make these all the time!! Nom nom nom

  • Krystal Strafford

    This looks delicious! I have to make this!!

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