Tune in Tuesday: 80's New Wave

Check out Nikki's favorite 80's New Wave songs. 


Growing up in the 80's not only came with fun fashion, it came with great music that I still jam out too! These songs really evoke nostalgic memories of my younger days & I just love it :) 

What are your 80's favorites?


  • Jaimie

    Love this! Brings me back…

  • dee

    Just sang “Love will tear us apart”!! love this song

  • Alana

    This Charming Man will forever remind me of you, Nik! “I would go out tonight but I haven’t got a stitch to wear.” This was your jam!

  • Alexis

    love all of these!

  • kathy

    Oh Nikki,you know I’m a HUGE fan, it takes me back. Thanks for making my morning and jen can’t help but dance around the store!

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