We Love All Of Them

Posted on March 06 2014

We are absolutely crushing on John Legend and Chrissy Teigen! They are almost too much to handle. It is no mystery we have a slight soft spot for some RnB.  And John Legend is without a doubt is one of our favs! But John Legend and his wife are just too cute!  Chrissy is funny and quirky while John is laid back and mellow, that's why they compliment each other so well. 

The two just tied the knot in September, after being together for over seven years! They had an over-the-top affair in Lake Como, Italy with their close friends and family. A month earlier, John gave Chrissy a gift: A love song called “All of Me,” the third single from his fourth album, "Love in the Future." We are totally obsessed. Yes, we secretly wish he dedicated it to us, but it's too good to hate. If you haven't seen the video, you will fall in love with them all over again like we did.  His beautiful bride was the star of this steamy video, shot in Italy just before their wedding. And the video ends with footage from their actual wedding. We just can't get enough! What do you think?!



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  • Julianne: May 27, 2014

    They are adorable !

  • Katie: March 14, 2014

    they are ADORABLE

  • natalie: March 11, 2014

    I seriously am in love with this song and wish he would come sing it to all of us!

  • Dakota: March 07, 2014

    OMG!!! I am so in love with this song and them. They are the cutest couple ever!

  • Krystal Strafford: March 07, 2014

    John Legend & Chrissy Teigen make a beautiful couple! I could listen to this song all day! ♥

  • kathy: March 07, 2014

    absolutely love them and the song is amazing!!

  • Lauren: March 07, 2014

    Such a cute couple

  • Taylor: March 06, 2014

    soo soo soooo perfect!

  • Bridget: March 06, 2014

    his voiceeee <3

  • Chelsea: March 06, 2014

    YAY!! I absolutely love this song! If it came out a few years earlier I would have totally used it for my wedding song. I could listen to this all day on repeat!!

  • Kelly: March 06, 2014


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