Tune In Tuesday: Heartbreak Hits

Posted on March 04 2014

Check out Megan's picks for the perfect breakup playlist!

Breaking up is hard to do, but not when you have this playlist. A good breakup playlist can get you through the vicious stages of relationship mourning.  Who needs a therapist when you have this playlist on repeat, while you cut up old pictures and eat all the ice cream you want.  For the times you want to cry, or the times you want to scream, or the times you want to throw on your sexiest dress and make 'em jealous; we've got it all covered.  Let the healing process begin!

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  • Julianne: May 27, 2014

    Love Queen B

  • Lisa: March 07, 2014

    hahah wow so perfect!

  • gerry woelfel: March 06, 2014

    Love the song I will Survive. Did alot of disco dancing to it.

  • kathy: March 06, 2014

    great mix!

  • Nicolette: March 05, 2014

    been on a john legend kick lately, love him!

  • dee: March 05, 2014

    you oughta know <3 great song

  • Natalie: March 05, 2014

    ahh this playlist is great.

  • Nik: March 05, 2014

    great list, boyz 2 men is perfect for a good cry!

  • Christina: March 05, 2014

    Carries always great for a heartbreak song!

  • Stacey: March 05, 2014

    Any song by Justin Timberlake is always good! ‘Cry Me a River’ -great song! Also Carrie’s hit ‘Before he Cheats’. Great mix!!

  • Sam: March 04, 2014

    I will always love Beyonce!!

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