Happy Birthday, Molly Ringwald!

All hail the QUEEN of the Brat Pack and all things pink!

Having appeared in the John Hughes films "Sixteen Candles", "The Breakfast Club", and "Pretty in Pink", Molly has been called the greatest teen star of all time and we agree! Though this iconic star is usually known for 80's movies in which she wears quirky and stylish pink outfits, she is accomplished in so many other ways. Not only has she appeared in a ton of films, she also has a jazz record ("Except Sometimes") and is the author of two books - the memoir "Getting the Pretty Back" and the novel "When It Happens to You"! She started acting at age 10 and released a jazz album when she was only six years old. Happy Birthday, Molly! We have loved your style for decades.



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  • Katie

    love love love her.. just watched sixteen candles she is perfect.

  • Jane

    Love the brat pack! Happy birthday, Molly!

  • kathy

    i remember when she was “it” wow!

  • Nik

    i love her, her red hair & all her movies! happy birthday!

  • dee

    The Breakfast Club is a classic!

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