Behind the Scenes of an Oohlala Photoshoot

We started our day out on location for our trends shots for the month of March. We finished the day with more on site trends shots and product shots.  The day is always full of laughs with our model, Natalia Mayo.  Here's a look at some behind the scenes action, and what is soon to come on our website.

Some of the fab clothes for the shoot!She's not too happy to be outside!Now she's just pretending!The princess was so cold!We can't wait for bikini weather!Jaimie in action!Five Chains!


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  • Jane

    Great pictures and awesome outfits! I love ooh!

  • ashley

    looks so fun! Can’t wait for the new spring merchandise!!

  • Nik

    you ladies do such a great job on the site its nice to see behind the scenes!

  • Bridget

    that last shot is gorgeous!!!! love the mixing of metals

  • christina

    This is the cutest blog! I love all the new clothes coming in!

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