Best of the Week

As I head out for drinks at the bar I make sure to be comfy yet stylish & fresh! Here are some of my favorite things that I use to get ready for my night out, what I choose to wear & my drink for the night.


1. Whiskey In A Teacup tee. $30 in our store. This shirt is not only perfect for my bar setting, it's so comfy and adds a touch of sexiness when I let it hang off my shoulder.

2. Rose Salve from Bath & Body Works. I am addicted to this stuff! I mainly use it for my lips because they're constantly chapped, but you can also use it for your knees or elbows when they're dry.

3. Honey Jack Whiskey. I am a whiskey drinking girl & this is a tad less harsh than any other. It's my go to at the bar on the rocks or mixed with ginger ale. Yum!

4. Karma Kream from Lush. I received this as a gift & I can’t get enough of it. You don’t need a perfume when you wear this it smells amazing & moisturizes great!

5. Wild Opulence Clutch. $42 in our store. This clutch is perfect! It fits my necessities (phone, money, makeup) & stays on my knuckles all night while adding a pretty shimmer to them.

6. Lucky Penny Bootie. $138 in our store. I have been waiting for the perfect bootie & when we got these I fell in love. They come in red too and are a great pop color to go with any outfit.


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  • sam

    Just recently tried Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey..delicious!

  • Dakota

    Love the she’s whiskey in a teacup shirt! Have it in black and wear it all the time <3

  • Rosie

    love the wild opulence clutch!!! my kind of bag. can’t wait to buy it.<3

  • Nik

    this girl sounds like a good time!

  • dee

    love the lucky penny booties!! Just got them in a gold color <3

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