2014 Grammys Fashion - The Good, The Bad & The "What Were They Thinking?!"

The 2014 Grammy Awards were definitely a night to remember. It was filled with some of the best in the music business. Even though we loved most of the outlandish performances, the red carpet fashion steals our hearts. The red carpet is always filled with the good, the bad and the in between. Here are our votes for who made the cut, who could have used a little help in the fashion department and the ones who should have just stayed home.  


1. Katy Perry wowed the crowd in her straight-off-the-runway sheer Valentino gown. There is no one else who could pull of this gown quite like Katy, and the Grammys are the perfect place for it! Topping off her look with her princess like bun, we thought she looked like the perfect note!

2.Can Beyonce do no wrong?! After her jaw dropping performance with her hubby JayZ she slipped into a revealing white lace Michael Costello gown that showed just the right amount of skin. Lace is quite trendy these days, but no one wears it as sexily as she does. We bow down, and accept Queen B as our reigning fashion royalty.  

3. Taylor Swift sparkled on the red carpet in her short sleeved Gucci gown. She looks pretty darn spectacular if we do say so ourselves. She told Ryan Seacrest that despite the glamorous look the dress was quite heavy, but that didn't stop her from rocking out hard in the front row of Kendrick Lamar and The Imagine Dragon's performance.  Tay you're cute, but you dubbed yourself the awkward white girl with those moves. 

4. Ciara wears pregnant well! She's prego, engaged and she looks HOT! She had such a glow to her in her gold Emilio Pucci gown.  This mommy-to-be looks flawless!

5. Rita Ora wore a long-sleeved metallic green dress with lavender undertones and silver heels, both by Lanvin.  She spiced things up with this short number, instead of the usually long gowns. We loved her whole look, from her Marilyn Monroe-style curls to her babydoll pink lips to each of her fingers with a blinging cocktail ring. BUT our favorite accessory was her eye-candy boyfriend, Calvin Harris on her arms!

6. Save the best for last! Chrissy Teigen was our absolute favorite of the night. She was dripping in gold, donning a dazzlingly reflective, strapless Johanna Johnson front-slit gown that dramatically trailed behind her.  Although we often fantasize that it is us walking down the red carpet on John Legend's arm instead of her, we can't hate her she looks perfect!


1. Madonna, Madonna, Madonna! It's hard to hate on her, but we are not feeling the mother, son matching pimp outfits.  She accessorized her black Ralph Lauren ensemble with a cane, a top hat, and one fingerless, sparkly silver glove. And she added a gold grill, to match this tacky outfit, because "it matched her outfit!" Not Material Girl material. 

2. Not too sure who Nadeea Volianova is, we’re not sure we want to know after seeing her ugly bedazzled prom dress paired with rhinestone lace-up sandal booties. She looks like a train wreck! Seriously wonder if she looked in the mirror before she left the house.

3. Wow, Kaya Jones latex is not meant for the Grammys! This pussy cat doll wore a black Andre Soriano dress with sheer panels up the skirt of her dress. She was asking for a wardrobe malfunction! One high slit can be sexy, but two with mesh inserts just screams tacky!

4. Ah, Chrisette Michele what are you thinking. From the awful pattern, to her white pointy claws, to her bra poking out, to her mismatched red lip, she is asking for two thumbs down.  A sexy matching print pant suit could have been a wow, but this one was certainly not it. 

5. Ariana Grande is 20?! From the looks of this outfit she looks 12. From far away the floral Dolce & Gabbana dress looks cute but it is all wrong for her. She seriously struggled with hair issues that's for sure but the biggest no, no is she's wearing nude nylon hosiery! Yes, the same kind your grandma pairs with her white keds. 

6. We were wondering where Sara Bareilles has been, i guess she flew south for the winter and got her hair braided while she was down there. A high-low dress with half it's feathers plucked? This Blumarine dress with her coral colored clutch and peep toe shoes is awful!


1. Ugh John Legend why do you have to be so handsome?! He looked dapper in his navy Gucci tux. We are suckers for a man that can rock a bow tie and he does it with ease. P.S. how could you not love that smile! 

2. Daft Punk stole the show with their signature helmets and classy suits. But wow to their shoes! They won both record of the Year and Album of the Year last night! And they definetely won a spot on our best dressed list, talk about accomplishment. 

3. Macklemore rocked the red carpet with total confidence in a teal velvet tux with spiked loafers. We love this color on him, a fun risk that surely paid off.  Certainly not a thrift store find, but we absolutely love it!


1. We are a sucker for some Miguel, but he looks scary in his Saint Laurent ensemble. and someone should have told him he needs to brush his hair before he walks the red carpet! Highly disappointing Miguel! 

2. CeeLo Green looked ridiculous in his see through white silky nightgown. This is the biggest night in music and he looks like he is ready for bed. But then again we do not expect much different.  The day he rocks the red carpet in a suit we may fall off the couch. 

3. Pharrell was the topic of conversation with his red carpet outfit.  We think he robbed a park ranger on the way to the Grammys.  Pharrell is a cutie but that outfit has fashion disaster written all over it.  It was so bad Arby's tweeted asking for their hat back.  He was a highlight of the show though. 


 1. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend look breathtaking next to each other.  RnB's sweetheart John Legend stunned the red carpet with his tall glass of champagne model wife! They are surely one of our favorite couples. Round of applause to them.

2. Who doesn't love Beyonce and JayZ? They stole the show with their opening performance and awed the crowd with JayZ's  acceptance speech thanking the universe for bringing him his Queen B. They have never looked so happy, talk about power couple.  

3.  Robin Thicke in his Giorgio Armani suit and Paula Patton in her Nicolas Jebran ensemble. She dress was quite the talk of the town, but we don't hate it. We love the risk, and it hugs her curves just right! Paula Patton can do no wrong though, with her delicious arm candy of a husband.

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  • kathy

    ciara looked beautiful, beyonce can do no wrong and madonna should just stay home!

  • ashley

    How does Ciara look so pregnant and amazing! Oh and we can’t forget how awesome Beyonce looks as per usual!

  • Chloe

    Love Chrissy Teigen’s dress!

  • Lisa

    Totally agree with the best dressed ladies! And what is Pharrell hiding in his hat?

  • dee

    I hated beyonce’s hair but her dress was gorg!

    Also, daft punk robot faces is getting real old!

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