Tune In Tuesday: Sexy Confidence


Beyonce said it best, "Who runs the world..girls"  I think it is safe to say that every woman loves to feel special, but there is nothing like a woman who feels sexy. As women there is no empowerment like sexy confidence, whether you are dancing around your house in your underwear or for that special someone!  

So here is my list to help enable that sexy glow from women that exude sexy...




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  • ashley

    Love RiRi!!

  • Kate

    Sick playlist! So perfect

  • Brittany

    I love that en vogue made this list. Classic!

  • Angie

    Im obsessed with Dance For You..Bey is the best!

  • dee

    love my RiRi <3

    Used to be obsessed with Mya- my love is like whoa

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