Spring Break Playlist

Spring break serves as an important reminder that winter will not last forever! (Even if it feels like the cold days will never end!) Your Spring Break should be filled with no worries, no homework, road trips, beach days and lots of laughs! What is better than some fun music to get the party started? But if you are anything like us then you get sick and tired of the same five songs that the radio likes to play over and over again. So, why not make your own playlist? So here are some songs to brighten up your spring break! 


Spring Break, a playlist by oohlalaboutiques.com on Spotify


  • bryana kern

    Love the songs!

  • chelsea

    some good throw backs in there! lol

  • Christine

    Love the playlist!

  • Jaimie

    I think I actually did listen to a lot of these on Spring Break in the early 2000’s! LOL.

  • Carina

    Go Rihanna!! loving your music girl :) but overall awesome playlist

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