How To Actually Stick To This Year's New Year's Resolution:

This is the time of year that we always set a goal for ourselves that, let's be honest, we stick to for maybe the month of January and then kind of forget about it or stop caring about it. Well this year, let's change that. The issue with most New Year's resolutions is that sometimes we set the bar so high even astronauts couldn't reach it. Here are some tips for actually achieving this year's resolution:

1. Maybe instead of one HUGE goal set 5 small ones. 

2. Find ways to remind yourself of your goal throughout the year. This could be setting a reminder on your phone for random times, writing it on your mirror, asking friends and family to encourage you, or keeping notes on your desk. 

3. Actually make a plan on how you're going to reach your goal. Whether it's working out, saving money, having a guide can always help. Take that one step further and keep track of things that bring you closer to your resolution and things that bring you further. 

4. Bet on yourself. Make a bet with someone close to you for achieving your goal, there are even online contests in reaching goals, if you're trying to lose weight look into

5. Stay Positive! Even if you don't reach your goal, working towards something is never a bad thing. Find the positive in everything you do. 


  • Vanessa

    These are great tips thanks!

  • Sam

    I always make bets with my goal… great way to stay motivated!

  • nancy

    great advice!

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