DIY - Magazine Holiday Ornament

Do you ever wonder what to do with the piles of fashion magazines you accumulate? Well, here's the perfect holiday craft for all of you fashionistas out there. This is a cheap, easy and cute DIY ornament project!

Step 1: Things you need:

Styrofoam balls (I used 4", but you can use whatever size you want)
Hot glue


Step 2: Tear out a bunch of pages with fun colors on them. Roll them up lengthwise and then twist to make a spiral. Don't worry if the pages rip a little bit, you won't really notice it when it's glued on.


Step 3: Secure the end of the magazine to the top of the styrofoam. Adding glue as you go, roll the magazine in a spiral around the ball. Continue with each piece, overlapping the ends, until the styrofoam is completely covered.


Step 4: Tie the piece of twine into a loop, knot and trim the ends. Make a small hole in the top of the ornament and fill with hot glue. Insert twine into the top and allow to dry.


You're all finished! This is a great craft for someone who loves a rustic and homemade holiday look. But, of course, we here at Ooh la la LOVE us some glitter. This step is optional, but if you have spray adhesive just add a light coat and sprinkle with white glitter to give the ornament some extra sparkle, and watch it catch the twinkle lights on your Christmas tree.

Happy Holidays!



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  • Sam

    awesome idea!

  • Nik

    love this, so much fun!

  • Vanessa

    great idea!

  • Megan

    Soo Cute!!

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